Peters sister in law, Pippa, contacted Quercus in January of 2013, asking if we could design and build a garden office for her family. By July it was complete and ready for occupation.
Staying within permitted development rules the shed is essentially one room with a wetroom shower and toilet tucked in the corner. Also being a mobile structure made compliance of the shed with building standards easier.
The first of three visits involved cutting a track through the back garden for an umbilical cord of services connecting to the house. The construction of the base, from oak beams supplied off the Balcombe estate was also achieved.
On the second visit the kit of structural Insulated panels (sips) was erected, windows and doors inserted and the profiled steel roof fixed, giving a wind and watertight structure. The boys Joshua and Jack were the labour force behind this under Quercus instruction. They continued fixing the larch cladding between visits so the third visit could concentrate on the internal services using a local plumber and electrician and building a kitchen. A deck was also built giving an outdoor room to the sunny south side of the building.
The involvement of all the family helped keep the project within a tight budget without compromising the comfort and utility of the space. The Scandinavian windows with the insulated envelope make the use of underfloor electric heating a viable option. The energy demands being further reduced by passive solar gain from the glazing.
The shed at the bottom of the garden not only eases pressure on the house it is something the family can take pride in having helped create themselves.