This project involved a barn (design and build) a new stables court and a masterplan for the farm of David and Louisa Johnston in Lanarkshire. Whilst caravans could provide temporary accommodation the planning authority dictated that the equestrian business should be proven before a house could be built. Another obstacle was the meltdown of the banks during the project which meant that only a watertight business plan and a grant from the department of Agriculture kept the project alive.

The courtyard of 10 stables, with feed store tack room and bothy, has added to the three existing stables to provide sufficient income from livery to make the centre a viable one. In all areas two or three prices were sought to ensure competition and make funds go as far as possible. A company from Sussex, Redmire stables, supplied and erected the timber stables on a concrete base provided by local firm Drumclog Plant. Built on an upper level of the site next to the caravans the made up nature of the ground demanded more robust engineering of the ground slab by the Engineers Campbell of Doune. The design has generous 12 foot boxes and a large overhang supported by oak posts. The roof material is corrugated big six fibre cement which will give the boxes a longer life and proof against condensation experienced with other materials.

The pole barn was designed and built by Quercus and has Scottish larch cladding from Russwood and the same fibre cement sheeting as the stables tying the two buildings in nicely. It stands raised on a new hardcore platform above the lower level of the farm next to the 40m x 40m riding arena which is another asset for the owners of horses at the centre. It has a strong timber post and rail fence surround and wood chip surface and floodlighting to extnd the use into the winter evenings.