Quercus have kept alive the designs originally developed by the Timber Research and Development Association for simple timber agricultural barns. These can be DIY to a Quercus design or designed and built by Quercus. At the Cousland Equestrian Centre there are two such barns. In size they are 13.5 metres long with three 4.5 metre bays. One has a span of 7.5metres and the other a span of 9 metres.

The principal of the construction is to dig a series of second hand power poles into the ground and then connect them with bolted trusses and beams. Onto this go purlins to support the roof sheeting and rails, horizontally to the poles, to support the wall cladding. The use of profiled fibre cement is preferred for roofing as it does not have the condensation issues of steel and is visually attractive. Throughout the Equestrian centre the Eternit Farmscape 'jasper' sheet has been used which has a rustic brown that blends well with the rural landscape. The walls are clad with vertical roughsawn larch spaceboarding. The larch and the douglas fir used in the trusses is naturally durable. All the timber is untreated and sourced in Scotland.

The design for these barns is for an open frontage but it would be possible to enclose the space, provide doors and a concrete floor to give a wide range of uses.