Peter was the Architect for the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) for over a decade. During this time he was part of a team based at the Bush near Edinburgh and developed a portfolio of up to date farm building designs. He learnt a good deal from colleagues about engineering, mechanisation, crop storage and animal husbandry much of it relevant to farm buildings Peter graduated from Edinburgh University in 1980 and worked in the fields of conservation, housing and commerce in Scotland, England, USA, Australia and Tanzania before he went to SAC.

In developing his own business he has taken opportunities for Continuing Professional Development to keep abreast of technical and leglislative change in the Construction Industry. This led to Quercus Ltd becoming an approved body under the RIAS-regs scheme and he is a Certifier thereby for section 6 (Energy) of the building regulations.

Keen to promote other bodies with similar interests membership is maintained with AECB, RIAS, RIDBA, RS and SEDA whilst timber is often sought from the ASHS


James Yip worked for Quercus from 2005 to 2011, becoming a qualified Architect in that period. Whilst he is now following his career and his mountain climbing hobby in China we still draw on the technical detail he applied to his work with us. Joe Garner is worth a mention amongst many who have worked on our building sites. We engage people on a project specific basis and Joe had the range of skills and flexibility that allowed us to complete projects on time and budget. With our clients often getting hands on with their buildings we need a tolerant not to say educational attitude to come from Quercus.


Most of our labour resources come from subcontracting people we know who are local to the building site. The challenge is to manage the different trades as a team and to dovetail with their other work when we are only needing a few months of commitment.